Digital WorkStyle environment: 6 Considerations for Home-Working - The obvious/not-so-obvious of human relations

Digital WorkStyle environment: 6 Considerations for Home-Working - The obvious/not-so-obvious of human relations

After years of working in the Digital WorkStyle environment, we can share our knowledge and understanding of obvious/not-obvious considerations in the virtual office world as well.

  1. Manage realistic expectations: Some people have unrealistic expectations regarding the transition to Office WorkStyle v/s Digital WorkStyle. The digital environment has pro and cons, just like Office environment, slightly different POV. 

  2. WE ARE ALL HUMAN: Digital WorkStyle brings to life the most prominent human relationship challenges such as emotional and rational aspects. The Digital WorkStyle requires a deep understanding of human interaction, relations, reactions and actions unique for each company, individual and resources system. 

  3. WORK IN PROGRESS: To manage realistic expectations, we need to start from the principle that we are all human. Even if it sounds basic, these statements force the need to build relationships starting from a foundation of understanding that "Digital WorkStyle" is part of a social transition and as well as humans it will be an ongoing work in progress. Trial and error will be your primary tools/mindset and will drive the communications and the success of daily achievement. 

  4. CHANGE BRINGS FEARS: In every transition, there is a factor of uncertainty for all individual part of it. The transition from Office to Digital WorkStyle will face a mix of human emotions such as fear that could provide some percentage of resistance. Ensure to bring your human relationships up to a level were awareness, ownership, tolerance and involvement are a priority. 

  5. CONSIDERATION, ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY: The concept of the responsibility means TO RESPOND = Ensure to build, learn and empower the action of RESPOND as a requirement to bring up an environment of contribution, free communication, the importance of everyone's work, accountability and teamwork.

  6. CERTAINTY in the uncertainty: Bring a motivational and inspirational attitude to your working style were essential assets such as communication, responsibility, contribution, realistic expectations, and uniqueness provides the certainty in an uncertain period. 

INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS: More than ever, internal employee engagement plans need to be activated and persuade by companies, seniors and employees. Digital workstyle isn't easier than Office working style. Digital working style requires to increase flexibility as a core in the understanding of new systems and routines. 

Lots of people think that with a new Digital Working Environment co-workers relationships will be cold when is the contrary. In a digital working environment, the human relationships will have the power to build a dynamic and adaptable company culture as well as every individual will collaborate to move the cultural background to more or less successful. 

Every routine will impact the operational flow. Every person will leave the digital print in the relationships with clients, staff or team. That's why perceptions and assumptions are not part of the understanding and honesty, consideration, accountability, tolerance, space and communications are a crucial point. Your internal communications should base in the training of how to work with each other and how ti individually manage the new normal.

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