6W Agency is the proud supporter of #ThePinkCaravan2020 Campaign

6W Agency is the proud supporter of #ThePinkCaravan2020 Campaign


As a team, 6W Agency is proud to support The Pink Caravan during October Breast Cancer Awareness. 

During these times, it is essential not to forget that our work and social media can make a difference for humanitarian causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness. 

We are proudly supporting this month building awareness through social media developing creatives, content and 1-0-1 engagement calling all Pan-UAE digital users to join, contribute and share our monthly content to raise awareness, funds and recognition for the cause. 


The Pink Caravan is playing an important role to improve the accessibility to screenings and consultations, providing treatments and emotional support to those in need. 


How to participate:


Donate - every action and good intention counts. To donate, press on the link in our BIO. 


Digital Volunteer - spread awareness in your own social media community and participate in our activations to support the cause. 


Become a Partner - Participate by making a direct donation from your sales. Send an email to rawand@pinkcaravan.ae and subscribe. 


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